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Welcome To Shanti Asiatic School Surat

SAS dreams to see every child become independent, sensitive, productive and responsible, ready to transform the world into a better place.


We at Shanti Educational Initiatives believe that education is what remains after one forgets all that has been taught. It is beyond academics. It is learning from life. With this as the core purpose, the focus is on the future with excellence and enjoyment; we remain committed in providing quality education. At SAS “Each child is a winner” and so, our entire curriculum is designed and woven around it.



Unraveling each child’s potential is our fundamental responsibility which will surely lead to the joy of schooling. When there is joy in learning, they learn to love learning.

Vision of School
Mission of School



Cricket, Athletics, Table tennis, Chess, Skating, Basketball, Football, Karate.


Educational Field Trips

Places & purpose of field trips.


Fine Arts

Fine arts, Dance & Music, Dramatics, Rangoli making, Pottery.


Spatial Intelligence

Eureka, Robotics, Extramarks Digital Learning, Co-curricular Competitions.




Grandparents are the epitome of unconditional love and affection and we at Shanti Asiatic School - Surat decided that it was our turan this time to return the love.

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In Shanti Asiatic School, Surat Aashayein – Annual Day was held on 27th of December 2015, based on the theme ‘Beauty of Nature’ .SAS took up the initiative to....

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We conducted Annual Athletic Meet on 26th January 2016. Our students from Nursery to Std.IX participated in all sports activities......

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Prabhat 25th june 2015 celebrating knowledge is a showcase of all we have learned and observed since the beginning of this academic year.

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    • Priyanka Chaudhay’s Mother has only praises for our School. She says,” I congratulate S.A.S for it’s canteen facility and it’s She also added,” the discipline that  teachers inculcate induces  cooporation amongst children.”

    • Kathit Patel’s Parents define “ S.A.S is a wonderful blend of cooperation among Academic and Non- Academic staff.” They further add, “ We are very satisfied parents and  look upto very bright future for our child.”

    • Rachith Nair’s Parents compliment the school by saying,” We thank the team of S.A.S. for bridging the gap between the school and  parents with whatsapp.” We also thank the School fraternity for loving our child and teaching him to love in return.”

    • Pahal Shah’s Parents say,” Pahal has mixed well with her classmates and is also pampered by her teachers. “

    • Devanshu Gajjar’s Parents happily comment,” We appreciate the cooperation among the Management and the School Staff. Devanshu’s  performance  on stage has enhanced his confidence. We feel proud for taking an apt decision for educating Devanshu in S.A.S., Surat. “

  • Harshit Balchandani’s Parents thank the management of S.A.S for arranging the workshop on “ Positive Parenting” . They feel that ,“ the workshop proved to be an eye opener for us and helped us  see & love our children in a different light. “

    • Mantra Goti’s Parents satisfactorily say, “ we appreciate S.A.S. for encompassing great learning along with activities.” They further add,” We find the school’s environment conducive both for students as well as parents. “

    • Hitanshu Gajjar “ mother Jiya Gajjar happily comments,” I am happy to educate my son in S.A.S. and I am  enjoying   his all-round development due to the hard work of the teachers. “


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