Bus Service

Shanti Asiatic School offers bus services for hassle free transportation to the school. The school possesses wide spread bus pick up and drop off points for convenient commute. Great facilities are available to our students at Shanti Asiatic School. While on the road, our students are well-cared for by our school bus staff. The school buses are kept in good condition, have professional drivers who have undergone extensive training, and have numerous safety guards to keep the kids safe. Drivers and bus staff pick up and drop off students safely by adhering to all safety regulations and well-planned route networks.

Canteen Facility

We support our students' healthy eating practises by providing a nourishing canteen facility and uphold their dietary habits. High standards of hygiene are followed in the well-equipped kitchen to ensure children's safety. We give our students access to a variety of wholesome foods and instruct them in developing habits of sharing with their friends. Our kitchen's chefs are skilled professionals who adhere to all safety guidelines.

Medical Attention

We have a medical facility on site where we can treat our students in an emergency with qualified medical personnel. Our students receive prompt medical attention from the medical staff, who follow proper first aid procedures in case of injuries.