From Principal’s Desk

“Education is what survives when what has been learned is forgotten.”

                                                                                                     –  B. F. Skinner

Dear Parents,

I Look forward to this new association with SAS, Surat with full of hope, happiness and   promise that each and every child becomes successful and productive member of SAS family.

Education is the greatest journey of life where there is a beginning but no end.  I wish excellence in performance, global understanding, universal values and service to mankind become the building blocks of our educational edifice which go a long way exploring the child.

At SAS, Surat, we are committed to create a centre of excellence, and habitat of passion; where every child feels secure, liberated, more importantly celebrated.  Our commitment is deeply rooted and diligently crafted.  We have created a perfect balance of activities that facilitate the development of child holistically.  These activities go beyond the confines of the classroom and expose the children to varied experiences that promote individuality, creativity, spirit of inquiry and also develop in them a sound value system, self-confidence and positive attitude to face the challenges of an ever changing world.  We want to empower our children to live life with respect, courage, compassion and have competencies to tread any path they choose to.  We believe that education moulds the child for bright future and for better living.  Education enables the child to enroll him/her in various activities which can place them to the desired places.

I wish to congratulate all those who passed out in the AISSE/AISSCE-2019 (CBSE Board Exams) with flying colours.   I also take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all parents and teachers who motivated, guided and helped the school children to achieve commendable results in the Annual School Examinations.  I am pretty sure that our combined efforts will help our children to be the best in every discipline and that’s what we wish for.

It is well said that “A Nation can prosper with the key of Education “. So I believe that if each and every school paces to glide in this manner. Surely we Indians can change the future of India and and help to float the Glory of India.

Shanti Asiatic School, Surat.

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