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VAYU………for perseverance


Life is impossible without Vayu.

The significance of Vayu is narrated in a mythological tale-wherein Hanuman- the son of Vayu was attacked by Indra.

Lord Vayu was desolate and went inert. Life stopped as plants and animals needed air to breathe. Truly… Aakash ho ya Dharti, Vayu hai sarvavyapi.

PRITHVI……….for patience

 Prithvi house took us back to it’s origin which is  5 billion years ago, where a bright huge star of hot gases- the Supernova – exploded and the Sun, the center of our universe emerged. The Sun in turn blasted again and in the series of Big Bangs- the birth of the various planets took place.

The Earth with air and water on it is the only planet to sustain life. The house believes…Prithvi- the winner of Life!

AGNI…………for purity

3Fire- an essential element was depicted beautifully by the Agni house when they enacted the discovery of fire by early man. The role of fire in giving us warmth and food was highlighted. And then we had a glimpse of the rage of fire. Havoc is caused and how it can be quietened.

The highlight of the assembly was the actual working of the fire extinguisher which is used to douse fire caused by short circuiting. The house gave the slogan-Agni- the energy packet for life!

JAL………..for progress

jal_logoMusical tableaux by the Jal house gave us the significance of water in our lives. ‘What if there was no water?’ ——-the beautifully presented dance gave the message that we often do not value its importance and waste water. When all of a sudden, water supply is stopped, we face innumerable difficulties. Water is essential for all- plants, animals, birds, humans etc and we must make every effort to conserve it.
‘Jal hi jeevan ka aadhar hai- save water- save life.’

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