S A S – An Insight

School’s vision :- To generate community leaders through the system.

Belief :- Together we can make it happen. We will be known to the world by our students. We believe that they are our messengers, landmarks and accomplishments.

Frame work :- Principles/Universal Laws.

Special attention :- Indian Culture/Heritage/Asian Values /Conservation of natural resources.

               Focus :- Holistic Development

               Tools :- Rigour and Relevance /Care and Concern.

Process : – By nurturing appropriate relationships,
By encouraging creativity & sensitivity
Main tool – Role modeling
Added tool – I3 Learning Ladder (Inquiry, Interaction and Innovation)

               Stages : – Dependence > Independence > Interdependence.

Target skills :- Technology, Team work and Interpersonal relationships.

Curriculum :- A balanced combination of core academics and multiple intelligences.

By-product :- Global citizenship

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