Samarpan @ SAS Surat


Grandparents are the epitome of unconditional love and affection and we at Shanti Asiatic School- Surat decided that It was our turn this time to return the lve and affection that we have Always received from our grandparents.


It was with this intention that we conceptualized SAMRPAN. Our programme had the gist of the values our grandparents have been imparting to us.All the students of our school participated in the programme and gave heart touching Performances in the prayers and plays on which they enacted.

The plays included themes on motherhood, family, Indian culture and Patriotism and on how Precious and helpful our grandparent’s presence is in our lives. Student’s efforts were joyously appreciated by all the parents and grandparents and it was Evident by the genuine smile each parent had on their faces.

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